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The Role of a Volunteer

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In this module, you will learn about how volunteers can find and define their role in their work, to best meet the requirements of unaccompanied minors in need of support, and regarding the opportunities and limitations of the voluntary commitment. The module consists of a general introduction to the topic, a glossary of key terms, thematic inputs with practical examples, exercises, and questions to self-evaluate the learning success. Please note that legal support for minors, specifically in terms of migration and asylum laws and procedures, generally requires a specific qualification. If you are seeking to solve legal questions, we strongly suggest searching for a specialized team or lawyer nearby. Learning Objectives: The completion of this module will help you to: - Clarify your own role as a volunteer towards the minor and other key persons / institutions - Identify key areas of intervention in the work with a minor - Know about how to build a trustful relationship to a minor - Manage the different expectations in such a relationship - Know about conflict solving strategies - Find an appropriate end to a volunteer-minor relationship when needed.



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