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Empowerment of Unaccompanied Minors

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In this module, you become aware of how volunteers guide unaccompanied minors in their empowerment and inclusion in the host society. First, you learn about your role in bureaucratic procedures and cultural differences. Then, you are introduced to different actions that you can take to support youth in social inclusion through education and training, giving you guidance on how to accompany the minor in understanding and reaching their educational goals. Then, you learn about your role in developing the skills necessary for unaccompanied minors to become independent as they become adults, and especially in support towards their integration in the job market. Further, you find out how to promote minors' socialisation processes and underline a network's importance for successful social inclusion. Next, you learn how to support the minor to find the balance between celebrating individual identity and adapting to the host society's culture. Finally, you discover how much volunteers can be engaged in minors’ psychological support and in alternative techniques to promote their mental well-being. This module has an introduction to the topic, glossary of key terms, thematic inputs with practical examples, exercises and questions to self-evaluate. Learning Objectives: - Facilitate, guide and support the minors’ integration and inclusion - Help minors be part of the host country without losing their identity - Help minors in become adults - Help minors be resilient and autonomous



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