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Integration Activities of Unaccompanied minors

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In this module we want to address the question of what we mean when we speak of integration and of ways to support unaccompanied minor refugees in their efforts to get more and more included in the hosting society. We want to provide methods and ideas, how volunteers can really do so. It is obvious that all the other training modules will also provide a lot of material to foster inclusion. It is also sure that inclusion is a quite complex theme, and it is not possible to cover all aspects of it in this module. Learning Objectives: The completion of this module will help you to: • Reflect on integration/inclusion as a political concept • Know more about the factors that are crucial for successful inclusion • Learn how to support minors in their process of inclusion • Understand that building social capital is an important part of inclusion • Facilitate the minors` integration by networking and creating social capital • Learn how to include peers in your work to accompany minors or even to launch small peer learning projects for inclusion with other minors and volunteers in your community • Use Role – Models as a method to identify helpful strategies for inclusion, to learn from their path of inclusion.



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