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The Rights of Unaccompanied Minors

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In this module we will cover the rights of unaccompanied minors across Europe through the guiding principle that unaccompanied minors are children first and migrants second. Using the values underpinned in the EU Directive for the Reception of Applications for International Protection, we will explore our knowledge and understanding of the Rights of the Child and equip volunteers with skills and ideas to promote these in the course of our work. The module consists of a general introduction to the topic, a glossary of key terms, thematic inputs with practical examples, exercises and questions to self-evaluate learning success. Learning Objectives: - Delegates will understand the legal position of unaccompanied minors - Delegates will understand the differences in asylum terminology (asylum seeker, refugee, status etc) and how unaccompanied minors fit into these terms - Delegates will gain an introduction to age assessments and how this can be difficult to achieve - Delegates will know the rights of the child from an EU policy perspective



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