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Health & Wellbeing of Unaccompanied Minors

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In this module we will cover the basics of healthy living in terms of physical, mental and sexual health that volunteers need to be familiar with to guide the minors. In the context of this, we will explore the multi-faceted meaning of healthy living and different ways to accomplish this when it comes to physical, mental and sexual health. Additionally, the volunteers will learn how to detect danger signs to healthy living, along with ways to successfully tackle them. The module consists of a general introduction to the topic, a glossary of key terms, thematic inputs with practical examples, a multiple choice text and questions to self-evaluate learning success. Learning Objectives: The completion of this module will help you to: - Understand the meaning of healthy living - Be able to help UAMs pursue a healthy living - Be able to detect risk signs for an UAM’s mental behaviour and act on them - Be able to advice a UAM on sexual health education - Know how to act with cases of mental trauma - Be familiar with various types of addictions - Know how to act when detecting signs of addiction



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